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MBA (HR), BTech

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Padmaja Ganeshan-Singh is an expat writer, blogger and HR expert based out of Seattle. She writes about her expat experiences and as a cultural expert for relocation and settlement. To learn more about Padmaja's works, visit
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Never, Ever, Ever delay the filing of your IT Returns till the last minute - unless ofcourse you are some super whiz and would exactly know what it takes, or your Dad is the IT honcho who can pull strings for you.

I always file mine on time. This ...


This would have been my third victorious return from Mt Everest. I would've packed my bags in a jiffy, done all the rigorous strength and stamina building exercises, happily kept quiet to preserve my oxygen supply and come had ice-creams to ...

It all started off as just another eventful day in our lives. Ady made breakfast, I called some customer service guy and spent a good half hour spelling and re-spelling my email id, repeating my questions at different paces, and then finally giving ... read more >>

D seems to be learning a lot about probabilities. I wonder where she's getting all this information. Anything we discuss these days elicits responses with tons and tons of probabilities from her.
Today for example, I was telling her why it is ...


Rape. Shooting. Abuse. Everywhere I look, whichever news page I land on, these three words scream out. Loud. 


6-year-olds being molested, shootings at schools, children accidentally shooting themselves or people around them because they had a  gun ...