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Cross-Cultural Coach

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Master's of Social Work from Madras Christian College, Chennai, India
Life Coaching Certification, Life Purpose Institute, San Diego, California.

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Jennifer is a cross-cultural coach and owner of Authentic Journeys. She helps people get adjusted to different cultures and lifestyles through a variety of personalized and group coaching solutions. Since 1996, Jennifer has immersed herself in the NRI community in America. Jennifer enjoyed being an active member of the Malayalee group in upstate New York as well as an active participant in different Tamil Sangams, Indian community groups and teacher of various Indian culture classes to Americans over the years. Recently, Jennifer has moved back to India for a second time as part of an Indian family in Kerala, India. Jennifer is honoured to be a part of this lively community to learn about and educate others about the uniqueness of the NRI community.
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