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Posted by PALLAVI  26 Mar 2015
Why Indian girls should marry an NRI in America?

I see a lot of negativity and non sense written on the internet about NRI grooms and most of these articles are written by either those who aren't NRI's or those who are somehow made to believe that all NRI grooms are hopeless.
I am writing this article to give insight from an NRI perspective (myself) to help soon to be brides in India to help make a informed decision about their future lives.
This article is confined to those living in America. This does not apply to those living in UK, Australia, Middle east or any other countries.
Lets look at the reasons why BRIDES in India should consider marrying an NRI -
1. NRI doesn't mean NON RETURNING INDIAN -
First, lets get this straight. NRI does not mean NON RETURING INDIAN.
NRI means Non resident of India. He is still an Indian. He will most likely get a green card and become a permanent resident but unless he is interested in filing for US residency, he is an Indian citizen. If you are a girl who is worrying constantly that he may settle down in America and you wont be able to visit your family in India. Then may be you should become a predictive modeler (Kidding!) where the target variable is your assumption smile
2. NRI's are educated and have advanced degrees-
Most Indian's who come to USA already have a stable educational background. Some even have a MBA, BE, MBBS.
They often choose to study Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics courses offered at masters level in the United states . Most choose USA because it offers them cutting edge research opportunities, diverse culture to study and a lot of scholarship opportunities. These bright and educated Indians are the future leaders who run powerful wall street banks, a top technology firm in silicon valley or maybe a researcher who will cure cancer.
3. NRI's in America will have friends from around the world -
I agree that you don't have to be an NRI in America to have friends from around the world. But America is a land of immigrants so an NRI in America is more likely to have a European neighbor and goes to lunch in office with a south America boss and has colleagues from Russia, Belgium, Indonesia and china.
I think no other country will beat the diversity USA offers to young graduates who go onto work in the corporate sectors.
4. NRI's are religious and culturally sophisticated -
Have you ever heard that you can take an Indian out of India but not India out of Indian. He will still appreciate the cultural values that the religion has to offer and most likely will be religious if he believes in the concept of organized religion. Moreover, as a NRI he would have seen other faiths in a different country. This certainly Would have developed a toleration for other religions believes and attitudes, which will make his attitude cooler than a typical Indian's attitude who is narrow minded with a arrogant opinion about his own religion.
5. NRI's have a liberal lifestyle -

USA is a liberal country where those who come to study here get the opportunity to socialize with people from all over the world. Your NRI groom will have developed a liberal approach to life and will have a liberal lifestyle.
6. NRI's offer their brides superior quality of life -
There is consensus among people living in India and USA that USA offers superior quality of life including quality healthcare, superior infrastructure.
Professional co-workers, less pollution, lesser traffic ( if you live in small towns) and if he is earning well, he can very well afford a house.
7. NRI's Make tons of Money -
Yes! if you said Money is not important in life. I believe you. I am serious smile I believe you raspberry
I AGREE! money is necessary but not really important in life. But as a ambitious man your soon to be wed spouse will have his own dreams.
We can't deny that in a materialistic world even to achieve non materialistic goals. You need money
Your NRI groom is financially stable and will soon have a family with you.
He is also more likely to be career focused which means that his wealth will grow exponentially in the next 10 years.
8. NRI's are Career focused and have a JOB before marriage -
Most of the non sense on the internet also revolves around the theme that an NRI groom would not be able to take his spouse to America until he is financially stable.
I think if you have made the right choice, you should get married to someone with a H1B visa which allows them to bring their spouse to America on dependent visa.
It's your responsibility to verify his visa status before you marry.
In conclusion as a bride if you find a well educated NRI working in USA, who is decent enough for marriage. Look no further, he is a "catch".

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