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Posted by Juwaeriah  21 Feb 2014
The stateless citizens of our Global Systems

How far away from truth is the concept of Globalization. Surrounded by high technical gadgets and speedy internet services, a large part of the connected community believes firmly in the fascinating inter-connectedness of the global community. For numerous reasons, we are steered into this type of blind black box thinking. With information at our fingertips, shopping at the click of a button, mobile banking and travelling, virtual conferences and downloadable reading material. Much of our world is defined within this context, thereby putting forth the image of its vast connectedness. Stressing a bit too much on connectedness, the discussion here is not of how far away we are from human values or base emotions due to these growing forms of technological advancements, rather the doubt is quite intermittently tied to the very concept of defining connectedness. Our world has been categorized into 2 parts. The part of the world who have seen the world wide web typed excessively contrasted with the part which hasn't. Yet, as a system, these 2 components share and create transferable facilities, either as the fortunate giver or the grateful receiver.



Yet, the term Globalization screams injustice to a well known side of the world. The side that has become vulnerable, displaced, helpless and dependent. While migration across continents takes place in accordance to pre-set rules and regulations, the millions who have been stricken by calamity, for political or natural reasons, remain in a stateless position in this very global community. These citizens are suspended of their local let alone global citizenship in a matter of few days, with no appeal, transfer or migration system set in place.


Taking in the example of not one or two but millions displaced at the hands of injustice. If hunger and shelter was not enough a hurdle, these citizens are faced with issues pertaining to identity and statelessness. What happens at these critical moments. Every community of the global system tightens their inflow laws. The neighboring regions want no share in the disparity, leaving the victims of this very global connected community beseechingly disconnected. Where then does the global human community disappear.


Stripped out of basic human rights to food, shelter and education these victims of irate circumstances are left in social dilemmas. We create a systems called globalization, and the minute atrocity strikes one component, we gear ourselves to help them revive, but alas with a fake sense of connection.  An attitude which allows the healthy components to aid to an extent that will serve the media purpose or funding budget. Long term sustainability projects often overlooked, inappropriately prioritized and subject to extreme amounts of complexity.



While we figure a way to wade through this complex system, a part of the vulnerable community withers day by day, fading with it the shallow concept of connectedness. In other words a constricted world viewed through a disconnected lens.


Juwaeriah Abdussamad blogs at : http://www.thesystemsthinking.blogspot.ca/ and http://www.juwaeriah.blogspot.ca/

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