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Posted by Sunayna Pal  03 Apr 2015
Story of us

I came to USA with my husband in fall, last year. The first thing that touched us was the cold weather and the beauty of the trees. We had friends who took care of us and with his blessings, our transition was smooth.
The excitement and the jet lag wore off and life came back to normal. Only thing is, it wasn't as busy as it was in Mumbai. I am a graphologist and a writer by profession and have my own ngo. I thought that the change wouldn't be bad but it was. With not having my day full of activities and relatives, a small part of boredom touched me. To defeat it, I started staying out of my house more and met more Americans. I had so many things and stories to tell my mom and friends but they didn't understand where I came from. As my mind was opening, I realized that theirs wasn't. There were eyebrows raised and words of caution. Slowly, I started feeling irritated. Then I realized, Coming to America, has given me many opportunities that my friends in India didn't. I felt like sharing these with them and others in India on a big scale and that is where I am today.
I am writing a book that would comprise of 51 stories from people who are of Indian or south Asian origin and are in USA. What brought them to this lovely land and kept them here? their experiences, memories, difficulties, things they miss about home, all of it.
If you have an experience and want to share it with India, Let me know. Feel free to ask any questions. Please mail me on 51storiesofus@gmail.com and .. we will connect.
I look forward to your stories

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