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Posted by Vishnu Kamisetty  25 Feb 2015
Pride and Prejudice

The "About Me" question in the networking sites is like the "Tell me about yourself" question that I'm usually asked in the job interviews. While I'm being watched and judged in both the situations; I take pride in one and prejudiced about the other. Did you ever speculate within yourself about why you sport contrasting shams at every point in life? I always wondered!

When a couple comes into a restaurant and orders an alcoholic drink, why do I always give it to the guy? When I see my friend getting married, why do I shake hands with the groom while I join my hands and wish Namaste to the bride? Is this because of the stipulated allocation of 33% of resources or am I camouflaging my conservative nature under the "My Respect for Women" cloak?

I am all praise for Anna Hazare for fasting and standing up for a strong cause but what was I doing when Irom Sharmila was battling the government against AFSPA. Let the world recognize her as the World's Longest hunger striker, I rather cheer Anna let alone the fact that I don't know a dab about the Lokpal bill. When would I realize that I lost the right to comment about corruption when I am a shill myself.

I am always well informed about RGV's next movie but I don't care to know the story / name of one child who has won the Red and White bravery awards, should I feel ashamed? I pretty well did share Hrithik's new diet regime and his 6 pack display on facebook but how come I don't know the name of atleast one Vir Chakra recipient? When did this cynical gap seep into my life or am I just ignoring to not have noticed it?

I seize the opportunities on Valentines Day and Friendship Day to shower my loved ones with gifts but I never cared to know that there is something called an Airforce day, Army day and a Navy Day; like I'd do something even if I was aware of it. I'd never miss an episode of Big Boss or Kyunki but I'm dumbfounded to know about the Beating Retreat that happens once a year at the Red Fort; oh wait do I still remember that January 26th is something more than a public holiday?

I surely don't know the name of the MLA of my constituency but I'm all praise about Barrack Obama. I am a huge Manchester United's fan even though I don't play the game but have I ever heard of East Bengal or Mohun Bagan? Oh wait, I am the same person who criticizes the Sports ministry for not allocating resources towards sports other than cricket.

I always feel like a socialist but never act like one! I talk about population growth and its endless problems but I never considered the option of adopting a child and spreading the word. For that matter, I can't even adopt a pet. All my childhood, I portrayed Mahatma Gandhi on stage but I was never asked to mimic Bhagat Singh or Subhash Chandra Bose. Why didn't I ever take pain to know that Lal Bahadur Shastri-ji was born on the same day as Gandhi-ji?

Now, do I have to take pride in the self-proclaimed noble person I believe I am (for being a non-violent, self-esteemed, fanatic patriot) or should I realize that it is high time for me to judge myself about my prejudiced inner self? May be you can help me because I was talking about you too!

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