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Posted by Pria Ingrum  15 Oct 2014
Play and Passion
There is much press about following one's passion. Many of us are possibly wondering if we are doing that and how to go about that if not. Do you quit your job and "follow your passion?" ;I recall a Dr. Phil show on this topic. ;One man was trying to pursue his music passion while his wife tried to be patient yet there were the financial needs of the family to consider. There was another show, perhaps a "wife swap" where there was the pursuit of being a clown. Music and an appreciation of the value of humor through being a clown are wonderful passions and pursuits.


At the same time, if we see a middle-aged man quit his successful and respected job that provides for his family to pursue a “passion” that does not provide for his family, we might wonder if there is a mid-life crisis, at least.  So are there parameters and limitations to pursuing one’s passion?  Ordinarily, when starting a small business out of one’s passion, the general advice is to start on the side and wait for it to reach a reasonable economic level to support you before quitting your day job.


Most of us have activities we enjoy that is part of our “play.”  Maybe it’s golf, tennis, dance, or some artistic activity that gives us a break from our career or job.  Should this play activity be converted into a career or kept as play after our “serious” job?  There must be many, particularly in middle age, or after a lay-off, who may be asking themselves some of these questions.  Is a lay-off a time to consider a career change or pursuit of the same area to play it safe?  When is the time to pursue your passions while still being responsible?  Maybe we can carve out some balance of responsibilities and some dose as often as possible of play and exploring our passions.


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