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Posted by Palka Chopra  13 Mar 2014
Manage that Stress

LIFE is a challenge.Well, that is like an understatement of the century. Life does take a toll on all of us, at some point during our journey, leaving us stressed, negative, unmotivated, demoralized, and in doubt. Such times are not easy, they have not been for me either. It is so important to take control of yourself and your thoughts for a better time. A time comes when instead of the situation controlling you; you want to control the situation. Question yourself at that time: Are these hardships really there? Or has my mind made them up and created a Mt Everest, which I can't even think of overcoming!!


But the truth is most of these stresses are self-created. Mt Everest has been conquered many a times and these stresses can also be turned into positivity with some work and some changes. It is everybody's right to be happy!! Unhappiness and negativity comes very easily to everyone, but for happiness you really have to work hard and that is the bitter truth of life. You have to work and make a conscious choice of being happy in life.


I am talking about a couple of things here, which will help you in the process of managing that negativity and stress that surrounds you. If we do practice these simple things, they will make us happier for sure—this cannot be overturned all of a sudden, but a conscious effort to work on it will hopefully help out!! I should tell you this before hand, I am no psychologist or a spiritual speaker, but I have handled quite a stressful time in my life (yes, already) and these are the things that I have learnt myself in my journey with stress.


Power Of Now - Power of Now is a book by Eckart Tolle, which has impacted my life in such a strong way and it came to my rescue when I needed it the most (seriously!!). {My relationship with ‘STRESS’ goes a long way, small small things would effect me in large amounts, and there was a time when everything would seem grey around me, I didn’t want to talk to anybody, didn’t feel like going out or even leaving the house for 10 minutes- I was maybe a little depressed too at that time. Not anymore, thankfully! If i can start managing stress believe me, anybody can!!}


But the crux here is, focus on NOW of your life. Do not waste what you have right now in search of what you will have tomorrow or what you didn’t do in the past. This way you will never live this moment. Stop worrying about the future or sulking about the past so much so that your ‘now’ (that is your present) doesn’t suffer!


Breathe- In any stressful moment or when a fight comes up, don’t forget to breathe. Breathing relaxes your mind and gives you your capacity to think back. Which tries to de-stress you.


Focus on yourself- It is important to focus on yourself everyday. Take out time to do the things that are good for you, be it exercise, meditation, cooking, reading, writing, playing with your kids or chatting with your fiends. Anything that is good for your soul, your body. It is important to cater to the roots (in this case- YOU) in order to re-cultivate the plant. You need to be happy (inside), for it to show (outside). In short- HAVE A BLAST!! That will re-energize you for what lies ahead!!


Communicate- De-stressing yourself in front of somebody can be really helpful, be it a friend, your spouse, parent or yourself (by that I mean, talk to yourself, or take out a pen and paper and start writing your negative thoughts) and bring it out of your system. Connect with your friends, re-arrange your schedules to spend time with some people you love to be around and see how happy that makes you.


Change one thing at a time- Stress generally means there is something that is not right around you. Which brings us to the bigger question of making positive changes for ourselves. Bring about one change at a time, like for example if you are stressed about your health, start one week (or month) by focusing on eating right, the next week (or month) by starting exercise, the third week (or month) by cutting on your alcohol intake and so on and see how easy it becomes.


Practice gratitude and acceptance- There are some things which are not in our control. The sooner we understand that, the better it would be for us and for the people around us. Practice gratitude for the things you have and get. You cannot be stressed when you are thanking someone you know. Don’t forget to focus on small things in life- I have written a whole post on this topic (see how important it is). Read my last post “Love and happiness in small things!” for the same.


Get organized- Negativity and stress is bound to confuse you. To organize your own-self and to think straight, you need organization around you. Prioritize things that need more of your focus right now and delay the ones that can be worked on later, so that there is some clarity in your mind as to what needs to be taken care of immediately. Be it on work front, relationship front, money-matters etc.


Don’t over think situations- Our mind has this characteristic of over thinking at times, especially on negative and stressful thoughts. Think about it, when you are stressed, you tend to think about that same stressful situation again and again, but the need of that hour is to find a solution to that problem. So train your mind to solve problems and try to find the answers.


Practice ‘The law of attraction’- Feed your mind with positive thoughts at all times (which is easier said than done, I know! I’ve been there, till do!!). I’m sure all of you have heard about this “law of attraction”; psychologists have been talking about it since forever and with the best selling books like ‘the secret’ making it super-popular, I think it is worth giving a try. I know this is a bit spiritual and all, but they say thinking about something means you are sending it an invitation to visit you, even if you don’t want it. So flush your mind with good things, so that good things come to you sooner.


Try and sit down for a moment and think about the things I’ve talked about here. All this is not rocket science!! I know it is hard to practice all this, but I think for a better and happier life, you need to work on yourself and it is worth giving a try. So that’s it from me this time, I know it’s been a heavy post. Promise to post on a lighter topic the next time. Happy Living people!!


Palka  Chopra is the Senior Vice President, Master Capital Services in Hong Kong. She blogs at: arrayofthoughts.wordpress.com


Image Credit: sxc.hu

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