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Posted by Shreya Ganguly  05 Jun 2014
India Gets A New Government

In the last few weeks India has a change take place. A change with a promise for a bright and strong future. A new government at the centre assured a whole new era of politics and administration in a country that has been devoid of solid governance lately. Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his victory speech said, “achche din aane wale hai” (good days to look forward to). While the stock markets rejoiced with a mighty rally on the day of the results, the people of India accepted the verdict with open arms. And what exactly does it mean to India, let’s find out.


It is well known that our country has been struggling under the influence of scams and corruption. In a bid to see some better governance, the people of India delivered a verdict in favour of a man who changed the face of a state in his tenure as Chief Minister. The Gujarat Model is what lured the voters who were tired of haggling for their own rights. In anticipation of a new India, the people of this country went on to choose a governing body that they believe would change the fortunes of a country that has been marred with controversies for years on end. So as the Congress led UPA were shown the door with a dismal performance, the BJP led NDA emerged as the single largest party, a verdict that is strongly skewed in favor of a new era.


The positivity is palpable in India currently. And as our new Prime Minister said that we have to work a lot to get where we want to, he has made the common man a part of his mission by keeping them updated through social media and starting a website that keeps them connected with the government and their policies all the time. It is a new start for a country that has been struggling for decades. Here’s hoping that the verdict that has been delivered, lives up to the expectations of the people.


Shreya Ganguly is a sports writer who contributes to several international sports portals.

Image Credit: freeimages.com



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