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Posted by Juwaeriah  06 Mar 2014
Active Intellectualism spooled with generosity

As the sun struggled to bring warmth into the cold winter morning, my mind raced to contemplate the idea of Active Intellectualism. My mentor gave me quite a many totes for thought, but today it was a gigantic word.Being the highly educated, widely traveled inspiration that he was, I wanted to make sure I had understood it to the best of my abilities. Create value for the right people he continued for the world is one big mass of laziness.


So there was opportunity in laziness, I made a mental sticky note. Smartness is defining the right kind of intellectualism and making good use of it. Irrespective of the sector one aims to pursue, it is the persistence that gets one through. With all our efforts focused on the journey, we are bound to land somewhere. Expect nothing at the end of the day, zoomed in another quick mental note. For when one starts being generous unprecedentedly, things happen. Just like Tarzan's boomerang, out of no where something eventually comes back.


Image courtesy of hyena reality / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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