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It was around this date, 8 years ago, that I entered the gates of an amazing institution; amazing for not its structure or infrastructure but for the people it gave me. Transferring from a relatively new college to this better established institution was an easy decision to make but was not sure if it was the right one. But, the memories that live within me make me feel that my decision could... Read more
Posted by Vishnu Kamisetty  125 weeks ago
Never, Ever, Ever delay the filing of your IT Returns till the last minute - unless ofcourse you are some super whiz and would exactly know what it takes, or your Dad is the IT honcho who can pull strings for you.

I always file mine on time. This time, I just hope I don't miss the deadline. Why you ask? Hmm...a long story.

I was on a break from work for a couple of months, so I lost touch... Read more
Posted by Padmaja Ganeshan Singh  126 weeks ago
Now a days many Indians work for foreign companies situated in India.

Much of the context in working with the foreign clients or customers must be built from scratch and without understanding the cultural context or even meeting people from the target culture. Some of the professionals who work in these jobs also have to learn technical skills or processes that do not apply in the same career... Read more
Posted by Jennifer Kumar  126 weeks ago
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I came to USA with my husband in fall, last year. The first thing that touched us was the cold weather and the beauty of the trees. We had friends who took care of us and with his blessings, our transition was smooth.
The excitement and the jet lag wore off and life came back to normal. Only thing is, it wasn't as busy as it was in Mumbai. I am a graphologist and a writer by profession and have... Read more
Posted by Sunayna Pal  129 weeks ago
There's no doubt that working in the US as an expat can provide a fertile plain for professional growth. Pawan Kumar Sharma, an Indian from Mumbai who has been working in Omaha, Nebraska for almost a year shares some his impressions on the US work culture and American's tendency to draw hard lines between professional and personal life. Today, he shares with us four of the most poignant... Read more
Posted by Jennifer Kumar  130 weeks ago
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I see a lot of negativity and non sense written on the internet about NRI grooms and most of these articles are written by either those who aren't NRI's or those who are somehow made to believe that all NRI grooms are hopeless.
I am writing this article to give insight from an NRI perspective (myself) to help soon to be brides in India to help make a informed decision about their future lives.... Read more
Posted by PALLAVI  130 weeks ago
The "About Me" question in the networking sites is like the "Tell me about yourself" question that I'm usually asked in the job interviews. While I'm being watched and judged in both the situations; I take pride in one and prejudiced about the other. Did you ever speculate within yourself about why you sport contrasting shams at every point in life? I always wondered!

When a couple comes into a... Read more
Posted by Vishnu Kamisetty  134 weeks ago
This would have been my third victorious return from Mt Everest. I would've packed my bags in a jiffy, done all the rigorous strength and stamina building exercises, happily kept quiet to preserve my oxygen supply and come had ice-creams to celebrate my conquering of the summit. I would've been the first woman representing the South and North India to ever climb up there – and 3 times. 29029 ft... Read more
Posted by Padmaja Ganeshan Singh  135 weeks ago


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