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Banker,Business, United Arab Emirates
Sometimes when everyone is waiting for someone else to take the first step, I need to be the one to drive the change.

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The journey

from being a resident of India to becoming an NRI.

Frm a small town Neyveli to the big city Chennai and Bangalore was a real adventure for me. It was fascinating, challenging and exciting. Started as a Sales executive selling credit cards in Chennai and to a banker in Treasury in Dubai was just a small footstep in my entire journey. It is not an easy task for lot of canditates to get a job offer in UAE becos in the first place you need a drivers license and UAE experience which will help you build your contact list,expecially if you are looking out for a sales and mktg job. The option was funny becos to get a license you need a visa, to get a visa you need a job to get a job you need experience.... So you finally run around in circles and out of desperation and lack of time canditates tend to take whatever job they can get to pay back the visit visa charges they had incurred coming to UAE. This is the story of lot of people here. Was it luck or was it my experience in India I got a Job as a Priority Banker,thn moved on to Treasury dept. Am also a partner with a International trading firm selling eco friendly products. Through this firm we are able to showcase India which always used eco friendly products made from Jute,waste paper,fallen leaves,cotton,vintage product,sugar cane etc.Simply shows that Indians always respected and treated Mother Earth more precious than their counterparts countries who are now promoting natural environ friendly products.



Top 3 suggestions to Prime Minister of India Dr Manmohan Singh

to strengthen NRI ties with the nation.

1)Ease of establishing SMEs and manufacturing units by NRIs in India, Distribution and exporting more "Made in India" products 2)Establish an NRI INVESTMENT WING : Help NRIs to invest money for the development of Rural and Slum areas. Also involve them in Infrastructure development, Rain harvesting, Irrigation facilities and help increase production of Food commodities like Rice, Corn, Wheat, Sugar etc. This would help in reducing our dependance for Staple food from other countries. 3)Upgrade Salary structure which ensures Family status: Benchmark Salaries with benefits for labourers and grassroot workers and other employees in par with other nationalities.Salary structure to be determined for all grades and should be ensure that employees are ofference jobs as per the structure.All this should be structured based on experience and calibre and not by nationality.Ensure Family Status, only in GCC Rehion we see 90% of the Indians living as a Bachelor despite being married, its becos the salaries are so low that we cant sponsor our families and educate the children. When other nationalities can sponsor families why cant NRIs? UAE talks about the best of malls, hotels, entertainment zones but how many NRIs go there to buy products or eat from these hotels/restaus? Window shopping is what most of them do, Why cant we also be one amongst the group who buys items from these malls or entertain their family in these entertainment zones?


TOP 3 changes to inculcate more confidence in NRIs

while investing in India.

1)More stringent laws which needs to be executed on an ongoing basis for people who entertain anti money laundering and corruption. 2)Media is the eyes and ears for NRIs so instead of focussing more on negative publicity which they enjoy the most,Our media should start promoting India in a more positive fashion, we have so much to talk about and be proud about. Media takes so much pride in promoting celebritys or cricketers why not achievers from Rural,Urban areas.How many of us know Mr Prajapati, Mr Madanlal Mr Mallesham , Mr Mansukhbhai Patel, These are Indias most powerful rural entrepreneurs rated in Forbes Mag. Why cant we showcase India at its best, there is so much hidden talent in India which needs to tapped. 3)The government always takes a soft stance in dealing with offenders, they should come up with punitive measures against the offenders and impose stringent policies. 4) Govt body should be in a position to interfere and bring prices to nominal affordable range when the prices shoot up through the roof. For Eg Gold, Real estate, food commodities,hospital charges,FDIs etc. Every increase and decrease not within normal ranges or ratios has to dealt with on an immediate basis.


The 3 big issues concerning citizen law and immigration matters

that the Indian government should address.

1)Money Laundering,Flesh Trading,Illegal trading of goods. 2)Dual citizenship & voting rights for NRIs 3)Civil & Criminal Law of UAE. NRIs are not sure about the legal structure which involves when you do business, or a cheque gets dishonoured or when you are wrongly punished. You need an NRI cell which can address these issues.


Most admired aspect of

Indian culture & new home country’s culture.

INDIA - Freedom of speech, Democratic rule, Our belief in Ahimsa. A sense of belonging with our country,Oneness amongst differnt caste and religion, Respecting other nationalities as one of us. DUBAI - The way the Govt takes care of their citizens and nationality,Laws governing the country.


I am the best candidate to represent NRI causes at

the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas 2011, New Delhi because:

How does it feel if you are a small kid stranded in a fair with all unknown people around you,not knowing where to go, who to approach and what to ask?? Helplessness is a very disheartening feeling. 90% of the NRIs in UAE dont know their rights, laws of the land. I would like to be their spokesperson, be the eyes and ears of India and being a peoples person, I can reach out to the masses. I want to inculcate a sense of reponsibility in NRIs towards our people in India, help in developing our country. I would like to imbibe the Leadership quality amongst all NRIs so no matter whichever land we are in we need to be a part of the leadership team stand up for our rights, a desire to be involved and make a positive difference for the land we came from and also for the land we live in.


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