Content Guidelines


As is filled with content created both by the site management and the users, there are a lot of details you should be aware of. Please find below an overview of the type of content, and guidelines & responsibilities for both content creators and content consumers (that is, visitors).

Types of Content - Content refers to blog posts written by Individual Bloggers (or ‘field experts’), Guest Bloggers, Community Managers; Questions and Answers written by registered users; and Comments left by registered users. Content also includes information posted by users in public forums, user submissions to contests or promotional activities, and communication between users & visitors with community managers and support team. Content is not limited to text, and can include multimedia such as images, audio files and video files.


Ownership and Replication of Content – Content authors are welcome to reproduce their own content on other sites and networks provided they link back to the original post. Content consumers are free to share content for non-commercial purposes, and are expected to comply with copyright laws where applicable. Content consumers seeking to publish content elsewhere are welcome to do so provided they give credit to the content author, and provide a link back to the original post on

We reserve the right to reproduce content in any way and any medium we deem appropriate. When posting content on this site and communicating to us, content authors acknowledge this and give us permission to do the same. Content authors cannot subsequently claim compensation for content posted on

Copyright Infringement – We respect intellectual property rights. If you believe that copyrighted works are present on this site, please contact with your contact information, description of the copyrighted material and the URL at which it was found. 

Content Creator Responsibility – It is the responsibility of the content creator to ensure content they are posting does not violate any copyright laws, and is not plagiarized (shared without giving credit to author of original content). Content creators should avoid any inappropriate language, personal attacks or harmful statements, and should not discriminate any individual/parties based on their race, ethnicity, gender, caste, religion etc.
Content creators are responsible for any personal information they disclose in public forums on Do keep in mind that sharing contact information may result in unsolicited messages from parties. We urge content creators to exercise caution and common sense before sharing contact information. Content creators should absolutely avoid sharing any specific personal financial information such as bank account numbers.
Content creators are encouraged to keep backups of content posted on, as old content may be archived or deleted from the site over time.

Content Consumers Responsibility – All registered users are allowed to create content, such as answers to questions and comments. Content consumers therefore are urged to exercise common sense and caution when reading such content and keep in mind most content creators are laymen and are not necessarily certified experts in the topic they are posing on.
In some cases, content published on this site includes personal opinions of content creators who may or may not have vested interests in information they are sharing, such as suggestions on which stocks to invest in. Content consumers are expected to bear this in mind when consuming content.
Content provided around finance, investments, citizen law and other NRI issues are meant to keep users informed or to guide users, and are not solicitations to sell or make any investments. is not responsible for errors in content provided, and is not liable for any impact of information shared, for example financial loss due to stocks mentioned on site. Visitors to the site are responsible for how they react to content provided on In matters of finance, investment and law, we encourage visitors to seek advice from certified experts as per their specific individual needs.

Moderation –Community Managers act as moderators and reserve the right to moderate or delete any questionable content, such as bank account details, personal attacks, unsolicited messages and spam, copyright content etc.

Community Managers reserve the right to ban any users if they have cause to suspect said user of inappropriate, illegal activities or other activities that would interfere with the harmony of the community. Community Managers reserve the right to do so with or without any warning.


Community Guidelines

Thank you for taking a moment to review the community guidelines. We expect users to follow these guidelines in our effort to preserve as a safe platform for healthy discussion.

  • Be respectful of others
  • Be helpful – This is your community, ensure that the advice & answers you provide are accurate and helpful in nature
  • Use Appropriate Language – No foul language, personal attacks, discriminatory remarks or other inappropriate language will be allowed on
  • Stay on topic – your best chance of getting a reply or an answer is if you post your comments on appropriate blog posts and forums.
  • Refrain from using chat lingo (e.g. “gr8” instead of “great,” “dat” instead of “that”) and from posting in CAPITALS.
  • Post only original content – Do not violate copyright laws. Do not plagiarize, (i.e., submit content written by others as your own, without giving them credit).
  • Avoid posting duplicate questions/comments
  • Don’t spam or approach users with unsolicited messages ­– There is a fine line between solicited messages and unsolicited messages. You may offer personal services when appropriate and sought for, but gross violation of this guideline – for example similar comments on multiple posts– will result in your account being suspended or even terminated.

Guidelines effective beginning July 2010