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NetIP was founded by Dr. Satish Chandra in 1990 in Chicago. Originally started as a forum for South Asians to meet and network, the organization today has 23 chapters in North America and has a reach of over 40,000 subscribers. NetIP has hosted various distinguished speakers at the Annual Conference and at local chapter events over the years. From politicians, media icons, and leaders in academia, distinguished leaders have leveraged NetIP to enhance their networks.

NetIP has a reach of over 350,000 people in North America between via its chapters, members, newsletter subscribers, radio show, alliance partners and social media. NetIP bases all its programming and events on four core pillars of its foundation; professional development, cultural awareness, community service and political awareness. With these pillars, NetIP meets the needs of South Asians with a 360 degree focus.


To strive ardently to work with everyone in our local communities to provide a single platform for South Asian professionals to target the many opportunities and challenges that come our way.


Our mission is to be more than just a networking forum. We also aspire to be the facilitating vehicle used by South Asian professionals to improve and enhance the communities in which we work and live. NetIP lays the foundation for the best and brightest to forge cohesive relationships to work together for a lifetime. We are not just today's professionals who are the backbone of NetIP, but we are also simultaneously emerging to be tomorrow's leaders in business, politics and civic life. We will continue to interact closely with many of the acquaintances we make through our experiences within the NetIP organization.

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"Drops, Ripples, Waves"
September 2, 2011 - September 5, 2011
Washington, DC


We are excited to announce that the 20th Annual NetIP Conference will be held over Labor Day weekend in Washington DC! The Conference centers on the theme, 'Drops, Ripples, Waves' which celebrates the progress and success of South Asians in the United States more

Recent Blog Posts


Nov 10, Boston, MA: NetIP North America’s President Sundip Arora went on air on the radio show On Point with Tom Ashbrook yesterday. The show talked about “Exploring the India-US partnership”. In the context of President Obama’s visit to India, Mr. Arora quizzed Mr. Ashbrook and his guests on the challenges faced with legal immigration of skilled Indian workers and noted the growing influence of South Asians in the United States... read more


Ok, truth be told… nothing scares me more than actually taking a step in the direction of my dreams. Well, to be totally honest, it is that moment right before I take the step that is the truly scary one. And, as if I wasn’t already scared, somehow that is the moment when a voice starts chattering at me about all the things I need to do, say and handle before I can even think about moving forward. Hmmmm. Very suspicious!... read more

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