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It was around this date, 8 years ago, that I entered the gates of an amazing institution; amazing for not its structure or infrastructure but for the...
Never, Ever, Ever delay the filing of your IT Returns till the last minute - unless ofcourse you are some super whiz and would exactly know what it...
Now a days many Indians work for foreign companies situated in India. Much of the context in working with the foreign clients or customers must be...
I came to USA with my husband in fall, last year. The first thing that touched us was the cold weather and the beauty of the trees. We had friends...
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Amar co-founded Golden Abodes with Gaurav in 2010. He has been instrumental in rolling out successful online and offline marketing campaigns for leading real estate brands in the country.
Ameet Patel is a Chartered Accountant and a tax partner at Sudit K Parekh & Co., Chartered Accountants. Ameet is a rank holder and has secured ranks at the Inter and Final CA examinations at the all India level.
Ankit Tulsyan
Ankit Tulsyan is a Chartered Accountant and he specializes in auditing, assurance and accounting services and also advises on Income Tax, Service Tax and VAT matters.
Siddhartha Shah
Mr. Siddhartha Shah is a practising lawyer and has founded M/s Siddhartha Shah & Associates.
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dear sir, I dont know if this question is repeating, if so please forigive me, I am NRI residing in the UK for almost 12 yrs, Recently I received a letter from Indian Income Tax Office, asking me to file returns from 2009. I dont have any income in india. However I did invest in Indain Stock exchange through ICICI demat ac. Most of it were loses, I thought any proceedings from sale of already tax deducted as per tds. I dont know what tax return they are asking, and would know how to do it. any help on this matter would be greatly appriciated many thanks Joe
As per the Income-tax laws in India, if your total income is less than the basic exemption limit for ... read more
Hi Ankit, I moved from India and took up a job in Oman in March 2010. For the Assessment year 2009-10, I filed my IT returns in July 2010. After that I have not filed my returns for the subsequent years. Now I am planning to retun back and take up a job in India by end of October 2014. I want to time it in such a way that, my stay in India during the Assessment year 2014-15 will be less than 182 days. If I start working in India from Nobvember, will I need to pay taxes in India only for Nov 14 to Mar 15, or will I need to pay taxes for the income earned in Oman from Apr 2014 to October 2014.
We understand that you are a citizen of India and that during the financial years 2010-11 to 2013-14 ... read more
What is the form no. for request to the AO for lower deduction of TDS on capital gain on sale of immovable property by a non resident indian(NRI). And for the this purpose is form 13 applicable to an NRI?? Please revert as its an urgent query
The form no. for request to the AO for a certificate for lower deduction of tax is Form no. 13. Yes, ... read more
Hi Ankit. I have purchased a property in India. I am an NRI. I do payments tru installments for every slab put up. I am charged Servce Tax, Education tax and higher education tax for every payment/installment made. Do I need to pay this even if my payments are made tru an NRI account? Can I claim tax benifits? How?
Yes, every person who is making payment for purchase of property in India from a builder is required ... read more
can i open two nre accounts in same bank?plz suggest.
This query has to be addressed by Kotak.
Dear Sir. We are based in UK and have indian origin, We have booked an apartment in Gurgaon. Now the builder is asking for PAN card for the purpose of TDS as per the new section 194 . We do not have a PAN card . Please advise.
As per the provisions of the Income tax Act, the buyer of an immovable property (where the consideration ... read more
Hi Ankit, I am an NRI since 20 years now. I haven\'t paid any Income Tax till now as I did not have any income in India. Except for only TDS from my NRO Account. Last year I purchased a property worth Rupees 30 Lakhs. The full amount was paid through my NRE bank account. I have given this property on rent for annual rent of Rupees 70,000. I do not have any other source of income e.g. shares, bonds etc. 1. Do I have to pay any income tax? 2. I will be owning a second property as a gift deed from my father this month worth Rupees 60 Lakhs. Pl. advice regarding tax implications if any. Thanks. Kam Ash.
As per Indian income tax provisions, for an individual if his/ her taxable income exceeds INR 2,00,000 ... read more
Dear sir, I am an Indian national living in Singapore for last couple of years. I am planning to start insurance policy here in Singapore. However, I may relocate back to India in 2-3 years time. The policy will mature 10 years down the line. I would like to check whether I need to pay any tax in India if I will be in India when policy matures 10 years down the line and get the money in India. Appreciate your input and help. Regards, Ravi
Under the Indian income tax provisions, in case where a person is a resident and ordinary resident in ... read more
Hi, I have a question around Loaned rental property in India. Do I need to pay Tax in US on Loaned rented property in INdia if Total mortgage per month is more than my rental income
Since your query is relating to taxation in USA, you need to consult a USA based tax advisor. ... read more
Hi,I am a seaman.I am having NRI status and my income is non taxable. How can I e-file my IT return and which form to use? If I use ITR1 then how can I opt for tax exemption?
You need to provide us with the nature of non taxable income earned so that we can advise you on the ... read more